Five Questions Typically Asked About Social Media

By Motionlab Marketing 14 November

Business owners in the glass and glazing industry are becoming increasingly aware (or at least they should be) of the importance of their business having a presence on social media.

Social media is such a powerful tool in your overall marketing strategy. Our members regularly ask us questions to help them get their most out of their social media accounts and we’ve rounded up five of the most popular ones:

  1. Is Facebook better than Twitter or vice versa?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question as Facebook will suit some businesses more than others and the same goes for Twitter; it all depends on what your objectives are.

Facebook is ideal for the sharing of rich media and the communication of well-rounded conversations, plus its EdgeRank algorithm, determining what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed, rewards quality content, something that Twitter doesn’t do.

However, the fast-paced and real-time nature of Twitter makes it more appealing to some, particularly B2B companies.

Research into both platforms is key. You may discover that it’s worthwhile opening Facebook and Twitter accounts, but just make sure that you have the time to manage them both. If you are restricted to opening just a single social media profile, find out where your target market spends most of their time to decide if Facebook or Twitter gets the nod.

  1. How do I deal with negative comments?

No business can be perfect and there may be occasions when a customer gets in touch via social media to voice their disappointment about your service or products.

The worst thing you can do is immediately remove such posts from your feed! You’re much better to openly respond to the customer with a measured reply as this will show to them, and your other followers, that customer care is something you take seriously.

When things get particularly tricky with a customer, ask them if they would be happy for you to continue the conversation with them offline. This could involve you sending a direct message to them to resolve the situation or giving them a call.

  1. I own a B2B company. Will social media work for us?

Absolutely! You will obviously have very different business objectives to a B2C company, but social media still offers you a platform where you can establish yourself as an authoritative and expert figure in your field. To accomplish this, you need to publish content relating to hot industry issues, proving your knowledge and gaining the respect of others.

  1. Is it possible to measure ROI on social media and how do you do it?

ROI and revenue are not the same thing when it comes to social media and it is important to stress that social media is not a direct sales tool. It can though be a brilliant driver of sales over the long-term and is fantastic for engagement purposes, brand awareness etc.

At the outset of creating a social media account, work out what you’re looking to achieve and use appropriate messaging and a suitable tone of voice. Just make sure that you refrain from being too overly promotional as this could lose you more followers than you earn.

  1. Does my business really need to have a social media presence?

Apple is one of the biggest global companies not have a social media presence and it hasn’t done them much harm over the years, but that doesn’t mean that your company should follow suit.

You’re unlikely to go out of business because of it, but you could be missing out on a wealth of customer insight, a method of lead generation and a whole host of opportunities to engage and interact with your customers.

No other platform is quite like social media and it can be exploited in so many different ways. The marketing budgets of millions of brands worldwide are increasingly being pumped into social media and they can’t all be wrong!

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