How to choose the right external door for you

By Tarriq Ibrahim 19 January

It’s not often that you will have to go out and buy a new external door for your home, indeed, it may be a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Your decision-making needs to be spot on as the addition of a replacement door will have a big impact on the property and it should provide the all-round performance that every modern-day dwelling needs.

When examining the door ranges of the many door specialists out there, we recommend that you base your choice on the following factors:

Energy efficiency

All replacement doors are clearly labelled with an energy efficiency rating that signifies the standard of thermal efficiency offered by them.

Energy efficient doors are rated from ‘A++’ (the most efficient) to ‘​E’ (the least efficient) with an E-rated door being the minimum requirement to satisfy building regulations.

Assess your finances and if you can afford an A++ door, buy one. Otherwise, try to buy a C-rated door at the very least as it will still deliver a decent level of thermal efficiency by trapping internal warmth and restricting draughts.


You should never buy a replacement door solely based on its appearance – one of the chief purposes of any external door is to protect your home.

There shouldn’t be any weak spots in the door and it should consist of a thick door slab, reinforced frame and tough glass.

Most contemporary doors will also feature a multi-point locking system that has up to 5 different locking points. Check too that it meets PAS 24 as this proves that it has passed an enhanced security performance test.

Door material

When door shopping you will generally come across three types of door material:

  • UPVC
  • Composite
  • Timber


The versatility and durability offered by a UPVC door makes it a good option. It’s tough and secure too, plus it needs very little maintenance.


Created by combining a number of different elements, a composite door is incredibly strong and has a very similar look to a traditional timber door.


Traditionalists will love a timber door as it has an authentic appearance all of its own. Just be prepared to put in plenty upkeep to retain its aesthetics and performance.

Whichever door material you opt for, just ensure that it complements the character of the house so that it blends in effectively.

You can get further door buying advice from any Excellence as Standard installer. All our installers have extensive experience of supplying and fitting external doors. Find your nearest EAS member here.