How to keep your home warm this winter

By Tarriq Ibrahim 13 November 2017

There’s nothing more unpredictable than the British weather! 2017 is set to be one of the top three warmest years on record according to the World Meteorological Organisation but it’s almost certain that winter will bite at some point in this country and your home needs to be prepared for when that moment comes.

With Christmas and New Year just a few weeks away we’ll all be spending be spending more time in our homes and the last thing you want is for the cold to get in.

To prevent that happening the solution is simple – make sure your property is properly insulated.

Keep out the cold with these winter-warming tips


  1. Get your old boiler serviced or replaced

We get our cars serviced and MOT’d and your current boiler should also have a similar health check-up each year. This should be done well in advance of winter, ideally at the end of summer.

A qualified engineer will inspect the boiler and check that it is providing optimum thermal efficiency for the particular model so that you know you’re guaranteed sufficient hot water and warmth throughout winter.

Once they have conducted the inspection they may well recommend that you get a new boiler. It doesn’t take long to fit a new boiler but it will cost you a decent amount of money, however, modern boilers can save you up to £310 annually according to the Energy Saving Trust. At the conclusion of the installation, pencil in a future service date with the engineer.

  1. Replace your old windows and doors

You would be surprised at the number of homes that still have original timber single glazed windows and doors fitted. Single glazing just isn’t enough nowadays and is the most common cause of draughts in the home. Timber is also known for ageing very quickly and weakening the more that the weather hits it.

At the very minimum you need double glazed windows and doors installed, preferably with a UPVC or aluminium frame as these two building materials offer outstanding durability and thermal efficiency.

You can buy replacement UPVC and aluminium windows and doors in a variety of different styles so that they look the part when taking the place of the previous windows and doors. For the largest energy savings consider triple glazing for any new windows and doors as it’ll offer maximum thermal efficiency.

  1. Fit some thicker curtains

We appreciate that some families will not have the money available to buy a new boiler or purchase replacement windows and doors. That doesn’t mean that the winter should be able to get the better of your home.

The fitting of some thicker curtains in the main rooms in your house can significantly help reduce heat loss. Thermal curtains can be bought affordably and usually have a thermal coating that maximises insulation.

Keep them fully open during the daytime to promote solar gain and utilise the little bit of warmth generated by the sun and close them as soon as the sun sets to keep the cold out and the heat produced indoors trapped inside.

Don’t let the winter win. Take evasive action against a frosty few months at home by committing to excellence in window and door installation. Appoint an EAS installer now.