Do you know your rights regarding an installation you are unhappy with?

By Tarriq Ibrahim 11 January

Part of the reason why we established the Excellence as Standard programme was to try and reduce the number of home improvement installations that fail to live up to expectations.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than when that expensive conservatory installation falls short of the necessary standard or those replacement windows deliver insufficient performance.

We hope that having Excellence as Standard in place will see far fewer homeowners being left dissatisfied with work carried out at their property; however, we appreciate that some of those who choose not to opt for an EAS member may still be affected by an installation that lacks in quality.

If this happens we don’t want you to feel helpless. You need to know your rights and what can be done to resolve the situation.

  • When a product has been specially made-to-measure or custom-built for your property, you have no right to cancel the contract between yourself and the relevant firm.


  • Any contract agreed at the headquarters of the firm doesn’t give you an automatic right to cancel it.


  • An automatic right to cancel will also not apply if you have agreed to a contract after an initial discussion at your home.


  • If there is a right to cancel and you execute it, please note that this will automatically end any financial agreement that you have agreed with the relevant installer.


  • The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 specifically states that a breach of contract by an installer occurs when a double glazing installation isn’t ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘as described’ or isn’t conducted with ‘reasonable care and skill’. You can then instruct the installer to repair or replace the product ‘within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience’.


  • If the installer challenges the last point, refer to the original paperwork and any diagrams or drawings supplied by them. If this confirms that they have failed to do what was initially outlined, you have a right to ask them to fix the problem for free.


  • So long as you set a reasonable completion date for the work, otherwise known as “making time of the essence”, you have the right to cancel any service without penalty when an installer fails to conclude a project on time and extenuating circumstances do not interfere with it.


  • In all circumstances, give the installer the opportunity to fix any issues as soon as they arise. If they refuse, your best option is to pay them under protest but draft a letter detailing your requirement for them to rectify the situation. If that fails to make a difference, see if they belong to a trade association and get in touch with them.

Get guaranteed Excellence as Standard

You will be much less likely to come across any home improvement-related hiccups when you appoint an Excellence as Standard installer.

Each of our installers has to prove their capabilities before being admitted onto the programme and they are continuously trained and monitored to ensure that they are delivering expert installation.

The full benefits of choosing an EAS installer are listed here.