Looking for windows to match a period home? Try vertical sliding windows

By Tarriq Ibrahim 16 November 2017

There are thousands of Victorian and Georgian period properties in the UK that still have authentic timber vertical sliding sash windows fitted.

Whilst they may have exuded supreme elegance in the past, the appearance of these timber sliding sash windows may have deteriorated over the years. Restoring them back to their former glories may be difficult as timber is a very high-maintenance material and notorious for providing diminished thermal efficiency once it starts to age.

Replacing them completely is the most obvious solution, however any replacement windows need to be in keeping with the character of the house and provide the benefits you would expect of a contemporary window solution.

UPVC vertical sliding windows meet the necessary requirements and are guaranteed to enhance any period home.

The benefits of vertical sliding windows

  1. Virtually maintenance-free

There is barely any upkeep needed to keep a vertical sliding window looking in pristine condition – forget about repainting, varnishing, sanding etc.

Wiping the window frame with a wet cloth every now and again will be enough to remove any unsightly marks and because the panes tilt inwards, you can do it from inside of the house in just a few seconds.

  1. Exceptional thermal efficiency

Most original vertical sliding windows are single glazed and as we know single glazing offers very little thermal efficiency.

Window technology has rapidly progressed to the point where a Window Energy Rating of up to A++ can now be achieved. An A++ rated vertical sliding window will providing the highest standard of energy efficiency as it will eliminate draughts and keep the warmth generated by your boiler indoors.

  1. Improved security

Wood-crafted vertical sliding windows get weaker and weaker as they get older and this could make a property more susceptible to burglary.

UPVC or aluminium vertical sliding windows on the other hand promise lasting durability and come fitted with sophisticated locking mechanisms that are virtually impossible to break. It also helps that they’re internally glazed, so there’s no risk of the glass being removed from outside.

  1. A wide selection of finishes

Traditional vertical sliding windows would be typically finished in either a black or white colour. Neither of these finishes will ever become unfashionable, but there’s more colour choice nowadays with Heritage options like Chartwell Green if you want to give your period home that vintage effect.

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