Do I need to declare my new installation to my home insurer?

By Tarriq Ibrahim 5 December 2017

Do I need to tell my home insurer about any installation I make or just a large one like a conservatory for example? The simple answer is yes but make sure you are aware of all the reasons and implications home insurance can have for any installation.

Windows and Doors
Whether you are updating your front door, replacing a windows or updating all the windows in your home, it is in your best interest to let your insurers know. Especially if you are upgrading to double or triple glazing or installing a product with enhance security, you could end up with money back from your insurance company, due to improved security and a lower risk level.

Conservatories and Orangeries
Adding a home extension to your property adds square footage onto the floor plan. If you don’t tell your insurers about your new addition this room in your home is not insured and could may well make your entire home insurance void. To be on the safe side and to comply with most mortgage restrictions you need to have home insurance covering your property at all times.

Before the installation
Make sure you tell your insurers before any work on your property begins. Not only do you insurers need to be aware of your pending update but they also need to know about any construction work at your home to ensure you are covered during the installation process, should anything happen.

Looking to improve your home, make sure your protection by your insurance and in the knowledge of having a EAS approved installer today.