What Is A Composite Door?

By Tarriq Ibrahim 17 October 2017

Your front door is the main gateway into your home, so it needs to offer continual resilience and lasting aesthetics.

When your door has seen better days it is important that you get it replaced at the soonest opportunity and there are several available door replacements out there, including the composite door.

Background to the composite door

Composite doors have been available since the 1990’s and provide a fantastic alternative to the forever popular UPVC door.

It is made up of various materials, including UPVC and wood, and contains a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin on the outside layer of the door. The core of a composite door also contains thick polyurethane foam.

Combining these different durable constituents makes a composite door incredibly tough and capable of withstanding a serious amount of force. They’re also resistant to scratches and the weather.

Just like timber

When you put a composite door next to a timber door there’s barely any difference in how they look. The emphasis of the woodgrain effect of a composite door makes it look almost exactly the same.

However, the upkeep needed to sustain the appearance of a composite door is minimal in comparison to maintaining a timber equivalent – you don’t need to worry about sanding, varnishing, painting etc.

You can also have a composite door finished in a far wider choice of colours than a timber door, or indeed a UPVC door. Almost any RAL colour can be incorporated into a composite door design, giving you endless possibilities.

It will be easy finding a finish that ensures a composite door complements your home, whether you happen to live in a period property, new-build, cottage or townhouse.

Immense thermal efficiency

Due to the unrivalled density of a composite door it also provides superb thermal efficiency. Any draughts you felt prior to its installation will disappear and you won’t have to pay as much to keep your interior warm.

Yes, a composite door will cost more than a UPVC door, but you need to factor in the amount of money you will save from having one.

Your new composite door awaits…

Composite doors are sold by most of the Approved Installers who have pledged their allegiance to Excellence as Standard. You can find your nearest EAS installer here.