Choosing the right installer is an important decision .

Benefits to you

We only install high quality windows and doors that have been produced by an “Excellence As Standard” Partner. Partners also have to meet specific standards regarding the manufacture of their windows and doors before being accepted.

Using an EAS approved installer offers homeowners a number of important benefits.

All products supplied are CE Marked

  • This is a legal requirement - but you’d be surprised how many companies don’t CE Mark their products
  • It shows that a product officially complies with all relevant European standards
  • This will ‘future proof’ your installation when it comes to selling your home

All work meets Building Regulations

  • In the UK, all installers must register their installations with building control or self-certify
  • Either method shows that their work is in line with regulations and demonstrates competence
  • You can rest assured that your home improvements are legal and recognised by the authorities

You will be provided with an Insurance-Backed Guarantee

  • This is a legal requirement designed to protect you and your home
  • In the unlikely case of us unexpectedly ceasing to trade, your home improvements are still covered
  • Just another way that we can offer you complete peace of mind

Our installers commit to training and continuous improvement

  • The EAS Academy provides development and training courses for installers
  • This covers all aspects of sales, after sales, surveys and installation
  • Each EAS installer commits to ensuring their staff regularly participate in these courses

No hard selling

  • We don’t believe in employing any form of hard selling to customers
  • “Excellence as Standard” installers never use hard selling techniques
  • We prefer to give you all the facts and let you make a decision in your own time

EAS installers respect your home

  • They will ensure that dust sheets are used when carrying out installations, remove shoes etc
  • Your installation will be carried out to the highest possible standards
  • Excellence as Standard installers will always be presented in a tidy uniform displaying the EAS logo