Windows .

French Windows

French windows – also known as ‘flying mullion’ windows – function in the same way as French doors. French windows open outwards, offering an un-spoilt view that’s not broken by a central vertical frame member. The result is a large opening space that offers uninterrupted vistas and improved air flow – ideal for the summer months when you want to bring the great outdoors into your home. Beautifully crafted, French windows have a symmetrical aesthetic appeal.

  • Offers un-spoilt views
  • Large opening space
  • Increased air-flow
  • Ideal for summer months
  • Choice of glazing
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to Band ‘A’
  • British Standard accredited and Kitemarked.

Shaped Windows

Homeowners have different tastes and that’s why it is important for window systems to be flexible so homeowners can tailor their windows and doors to match their individual requirements. It is a popular misconception that all windows and doors are rectangular in shape. It is now the modern way to have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from circular portholes and gothic arches to gently curving bays.

  • Designed to your individual requirements
  • Available in variety of shapes and sizes
  • Choice of glazing
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to Band ‘A’
  • British Standard accredited and Kitemarked.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows use a crafty bit of engineering to offer the ultimate in versatility. Turn the handle once and the window will tilt inwards, opening at the top and providing ventilation. This setting is perfect if you want to avoid causing an obstruction or hazard by opening the window wide. Close the window and turn the handle upwards and the window opens inwards from the side, offering a large open space and plenty of airflow, and letting the outdoors into your home. At this setting, you’ll be able to reach every part of the glazing meaning no matter how high off the ground you are, you will have access to clean and maintain.

  • Superb weather protection
  • Easy to maintain, clean and operate
  • Highly secure
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to Band ‘A’
  • Choice of glazing
  • Choice of colour and finish
  • Ovolo or bevelled shaped frames
  • British Standard accredited and Kitemarked.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a very familiar style of window with outwards opening panes hinged at the top or side which can be used to make almost any size or shape with a combination of fixed and opening panes to suit. All frames are slim but very strong and there’s a choice of classic, bevelled shape or the gentle curve of an ovolo profile.

  • Double or Triple glazed
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to Band ‘A’
  • Secured by Design status
  • Choice of colour and finish
  • Choice of glazing
  • British standard accredited and Kitemarked.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is, as the name would suggest, three panes of glass formed into one single triple glazed unit. By choosing triple glazing, not only will you improve your thermal efficiency, but also enhanced acoustic performance.

  • Triple glazing can achieve a U-value of 0.8W/m2k with standard specification glass
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Enhances acoustic performance
  • Still maintains a slim attractive appearance
  • Choice of colour and finish.

Fully reversible Windows

Designed for high-rise or hard-to-reach locations, fully reversible windows have proved a hit with the owners of all types of home. The window is hinged at the top, opens outwards for ventilation, and can be rotated so that the outer surface can be cleaned from indoors. The trick is that the window rotates, safely and easily, outside the building, so there are no worries about snagging on curtains and blinds.

  • Ideal for hard-to-access locations
  • Panes rotate outside your property
  • Effective weather seals and gaskets
  • Easy to maintain, clean and operate
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to Band ‘A’
  • Choice of colour.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical sliders provide the authentic period appearance without any drawbacks. The elegant proportions and the two sliding panes are effective for ventilation purposes as well. Why not use Georgian bars and sash horns to match original designs and incorporate a consistent period look with ovolo detailing to the frame, sash, beads and cills. Vertical sliders are beautiful, sliding sash-windows that are easy to maintain, insulating and secure.

  • Panes that tilt inwards for ease of cleaning
  • Child safety catches
  • Reliable, easy-action balance mechanisms
  • Energy-efficient double glazed panes
  • Pile seals to prevent draughts
  • Un-obstructive flush gaskets
  • Secure locking mechanisms.