How To Keep Your Company Website Protected

By Motionlab Marketing 11 September

Businesses of all sizes across the glass and glazing industry need to have an online presence in this digital age with a company website being one of their most vital marketing tools.

Does your business own a website? If so, are you absolutely certain that it is suitably protected should a hacker attempt to compromise it in some way?

You need to be as hackers are capable of using all manner of clever techniques to manipulate and access sensitive information from websites.

Back in 2014, Yahoo was a casualty of one of the biggest ever web security breaches, leaving over 500 million user accounts compromised. This highlighted that no-one is safe from the threat posed by hacking.

Resolving a web hack is sometimes easier said than done and could end up costing you a fortune. Can you afford to be a hacker’s next victim?

You’re less likely to be if your website is well-protected and there are several steps you can take to ensure your website is secure.

Carry out testing

You can analyse how secure your website is with a penetration test.

A Penetration test evaluates web security and identifies any vulnerabilities in a computer system that could be exploited.

Suitable courses of action can then be taken to eliminate these vulnerabilities until the point when a penetration test gives the website a clean bill of health.

It’s a good idea to make a point of saying that a website has successfully come through a penetration test somewhere on the site as this will reassure web visitors that it is fully secure.

Don’t choose obvious passwords

Large numbers of people continue to choose easily guessable passwords such as ‘123456’ and ‘password’ instead of coming up with a less guessable password consisting of words, numbers, phrases and symbols.

If you have any difficulty coming up with strong passwords there are password managers out there to help you e.g. LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper.

These password managers are designed to generate strong passwords that they’ll also encrypt and store in a secured vault where you will have exclusive access to them.

Update your software

It’s likely that at some point a software update will have popped up on your computer and instead of instantly accepting it you will have either rescheduled it or completely ignored it. You should never do that!

Most software updates become available as some sort of system vulnerability will have been identified and needs to be fixed. Accepting these software updates keeps a website protected against the very latest security threats.

Shift from HTTP to HTTPS

Making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS in your web address will assist your SEO efforts and also enhance web security, resulting in a little green lock appearing next to the web address.

Google is a particularly strong advocate of web addresses beginning with HTTPS as it better protects web data and reduces the likelihood of systems being affected by malicious ads or spyware.

The battle against hackers worldwide is easily won when you keep on top of your web security. If you could do with additional marketing support to supplement your website, consider joining Excellence as Standard. Click here to become a member and find out more about special marketing and website packages for EAS members with Motionlab Marketing