Why You Should Make Full Use Of Your Company Blog

By Motionlab Marketing 11 October

A recent study by Hubspot, developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sale, discovered that companies utilising a blog on their website receive 67% more leads than those who do not.

Maximising use of your company blog offers a host of benefits

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything to blog

Yes, you have to put time aside for blogging, but it gives you chance to publicise your thoughts, opinions and expertise for FREE. A high-quality blog will also underline your knowledge of the industry to others, gaining you respect from your peers.

  1. Good for SEO

The glass and glazing industry is ultra-competitive, so you need to rank well on the major search engines. Frequently adding new and quality content to your blog with appropriate keywords will strongly work in your favour and give you more chance of surging up the search engine rankings.

  1. Demonstrate your authority

Talking about a specific industry issue or product with some authority will show to people that you know your stuff. This insight you share will be appreciated and could turn one-time visitors into regular readers of your blog.

  1. Express your personality

You want to try and get the personality of your business across to customers to engage them as much as possible. Writing blog pieces give you the opportunity to do that whether you’re talking about something going on ‘behind the scenes’ at your business or the latest industry developments.

  1. Improved traffic levels

Well written and well thought out content on our blog will likely increase traffic levels to your website as people will be keen to read what you have to say. This could also draw them towards your products / service.

  1. Publicise on your social channels

Social media is another powerful marketing tool and you should at the very least have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business. Do social posts about your blog posts to extend their reach to potentially interested audiences.

One thing to avoid

While a blog offers you a handy means of promoting your business, try not to restrict your blog pieces to solely talking about the company all the time as people could easily grow tired of it. Mix things up by offering useful hints and tips, discussing industry trends, detailing new products in the market etc.

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