Three Reasons To Implement Call Tracking Into Your Marketing Strategy

By Motionlab Marketing 31 October

We live in an increasingly connected world which opens up countless doors for businesses in terms of the many different online and offline channels they can now utilise as part of their overall marketing strategy. It is important though that a business owner chooses the most appropriate channels for their company and ensures they conduct analysis to assess whether any of the channels they currently utilise could be better exploited in some way.

There are many conventional monitoring tools available to businesses such as Google Analytics, BrandWatch and MOZ. Another option is call tracking software, a mechanism that allows you to analyse marketing performance and gain valuable insight into customer behaviour.

This software can be added to telephone numbers and records information about any incoming calls received. These phone calls can originate from any related advertising channels e.g. direct marketing, traditional adverts and Google AdWords campaigns.

There’s no doubt that call tracking offers multiple benefits to businesses and here are three of its biggest plus points:

  1. Provides precise tracking and reporting

The beauty of call tracking is that you can assign a tracking number to every marketing channel you use to observe its performance. A static number is best chosen for any offline marketing activities e.g. print, TV advertising and dynamic number to track any online activities e.g. PPC and measure conversion rates. These tracking numbers are priceless as they enable you to see which activities are bringing in the best ROI.

  1. Capitalise on possible leads

Call tracking gives you a wealth of insight – this includes the numbers of any callers, how long the calls last, where the calls have come from, when the calls are made and you can even see the number of calls and pages a caller looked at on your website prior to converting. This information presents you with an opportunity to follow-up these possible leads and attempt to convert them into sales, with a little persuasion throw in of course.

  1. Enhanced customer service and improved sales

The call recordings you get from call tracking software let you listen to the interactions your employees have with your customers. You may discover that the sales techniques of some of these employees could be improved or that they would benefit from some additional customer service training. Identifying issues with the way your call operators deal with your customers over the telephone is guaranteed to help you raise your business’ standards of customer service.

Other crucial points to mention about call tracking include the instant missed call email alerts it provides when any phone service issues occur and that it can be integrated with Google Analytics and Adwords – this helps you analyse traffic and conversion routes from various channels.

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